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Baby Gator Resting on the Fountain Head


1. Campsite activities should be limited at all times so as not to disturb other campers. Quiet hours are from 10pm to 8am.


2. Speed limit is 5 miles per hour. Please watch out for children, pets, wildlife and active adults.


3. All visitors must register at the office and pay a visitor fee of $ 3.00/person per day.   Campers are NOT allowed to open the gate for unregistered persons or guests. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or persons.


4. Residents and guests are not permitted to rent, lease or sub-let their unit or site. Immediate family is permitted to stay up to 2 weeks in your absence. Management must be notified in advance.


5. Sale of resident units - Management must be notified in advance. Potential tenants must be pre-approved. Application packages are available at the office. Management can help you sell your  unit.


6. Please respect other campers' privacy. Do not walk through occupied sites.


7. Two registered vehicles per site plus 1 golf type cart or motorcycle. all others( vehicles,trailers, boats ETC. must be stored in a designated storage area at a fee of $3.00 per dayor $ 50.00 per month.


8. No Trailers (car, cycle, quad, boat, etc.) on  RV lots. All trailers, boats, secondary RV's, etc. are to be stored in the designated storage area.


9. Dogs may be off leash at the Dog Parks ONLY! No pet may be left unattended. All other areas, dogs must be walked on a leash. Picking up your dog's waste is mandatory, inside and outside of the Dog Parks. Dispose of waste in the dumpster or trash can provided in the Dog Parks. Do not flush in the sewer system. Proof of vaccinations required. Excessive barking is not permitted. All dogs and cats must be on a flea program. All owners must treat their homes and 5 feet around their homes for fleas.  If a home becomes infested, the owners must have it treated by a professional licensed exterminator or vacate the park.


10. When using the Dog Parks, be mindful of others. Do not enter the park when in use, unless invited in. Limit your time in the park when others are waiting. Use the park at your own risk.


11. Pets; such as dogs, cats, fish and birds are considered normal household pets. Any others are not allowed in the park without management approval. 


12. Clotheslines are prohibited. Clothes trees or pole umbrella lines are allowed and must be installed out of the way of others. Keep them in closed position when not in use.  Dryers are available in the laundry facility.


13. All trash is to be disposed of in the dumpster. All boxes must be broken down and placed in the cardboard container. Please pul Aluminum and steel in the trash cans on the left side of the dumpsters ( recycle program ).


14. Do not leave your trash outside or on the ground. This includes in the dumpster area! 


15. DO NOT use the dumpster for construction materials or yard debris, old beds or furniture. Construction materials and tires must be taken to the landfill at your own expense. 


16. Grounds maintenance is the responsibility of Sabal Palm and is performed according to your schedule and budget. You are welcome to maintain your own site, however, yard debris must be bagged and may be left curbside for pickup. YARD DEBRIS ONLY! Household trash is NEVER to be left outside.


17. Satellite antennas must be installed within a reasonabble distance from the rental unit and cables must be buried. See the office BEFORE installation for approval of location.


18. Construction or additions to units are NOT ALLOWED without prior approval from Management and the proper permits from the County.


19. One storage shed per site is allowed with a maximum of 120 square feet. Location of shed must be approved by Management. Your rental plan may change if you elect to add a shed to your site.


20. Construction of fences is prohibited.


21. Construction materials, lawn equipment, gas cans and other unsightly items must be stored out of sight.


22. Removal of plants, cutting of trees and planting of the same is prohibited without Management approval.


23. Limit alcoholic beverages to your campsite. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the clubhouse for adult gatherings but have to be covered or in a non-see-through container. Abuse of alcoholic consumption and public intoxication will be reason for eviction from the park.


24. Cooking utensils must be cleaned at the campsite, not in the bathouse sinks.


 25. New full time residents will be required to fill out a registration and agree to back-ground checks.


 26. All sheds must be secured to the ground with straps and anchors.


 27. Effective 3-15-2018, no site washing machines will be permitted. If you own a bus or 5 th wheel, you may use your machine. Allowing other campers to use your machine will be cause for eviction. 

 28.  We reserve the right to perform background check for all campers. 

 29. NO REFUNDS.....